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Feedback from Doctors funded by skye cancer care to attend a  weekend course in Inverness in February, 2015

From a GP in Portree:


“I would like to thank Skye Cancer Care for funding my place on the course - this was generous and much appreciated. I really enjoyed the 2 days, and learned lots of new skills in the assessment and management of palliative care issues, which I hope I can use in practice during my period of training here in Portree over the coming year.  

The course if definitely appropriate and relevant for both doctors and nurses, and the mixture of personnel on the course only enhanced learning through interesting discussions and differing points of view. It is certainly relevant for both hospital and community staff.”



From a GP in Kyle:


I thought the course was great. Lots of learning points to bring back to practice and we are already talking about implementing some tools in our weekly meetings with district and MacMillan nurses.

I thought it suitable for all, both community and hospital staff and nurses and doctors. There was lots of information but also plenty of discussion in smaller groups.

… please pass on my thanks to the Skye Cancer [Care] for allowing me to attend this course. I really did appreciate this opportunity.”



From a GP in Portree:


“In summary, a quality course:

• Good to meet with peers from across the land and share clinical experience

• Good to be stimulated and 'stretched' by the academics, who still have their feet on the ground

• The PPS system was interesting, and worth considering for our situation i.e. in its detail, rather than in the score number. Pain management always a challenge, some useful tips. Renal disease end-care very useful. Nausea/vomiting and constipation - up-to-date practical advice very helpful.

• Useful for all i.e. nurses and doctors, community and hospital staff.

A very good project for Skye Cancer Care to continue to fund.”







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